Our Story - It’s Basic, But Different.

Fast Fashion = Made to Not Last

The conventional fashion industry creates huge amounts of waste every day. Not only during the production process - offcuts of fabric, defective items, pieces where the dyeing process didn’t quite come out right - but also after: Tons of clothes are burned when they can't be sold on the market, or they are flooding developing countries as second hand clothes, harming their local textile industries.
This is one of the results of so called “fast fashion“, with trends coming and going increasingly fast, and pieces of clothing being cheaply available 24/7. Research suggests that global clothing production has doubled in the past 15 years, with garments on average being worn much less and discarded quicker than ever before. To this day, production of clothing has become cheaper than the disposal of the resulting waste.

We believe that many people want something else 
They want fairly produced, sustainable clothes that are made to last. For us, is the counter idea to the mass production of garments for several fashion seasons that then might or might not sell: We knit on demand with 3D printers in Portugal, guaranteed child labor free and with minimal creation of waste. Our blankets are personalized and made to be loved for a long time.

Unless someone cares, nothing will change for the better. Let’s make a difference together.

What we do differently

The fashion industry can be a dirty, ruthless giant - basically the monster that we all feared to meet in our nightmares when we were little. We founded in 2019 to protect our children from that. Our goal: To produce fashionable, sustainable children’s blankets with a personal touch.

3D Printed
Hello from the future! 3D printing is arguably the most modern, sustainable way of producing garments. Since we produce on demand for every single parent, there is minimal waste of resources, no stock, and thus no need for expensive warehouses or retailers. Plus, we produce faster than you can say “cozy”.

3D printing gives us all the options to personalize your blanket for your child. We’re not talking about personalization for the masses (some call it embroidery), it is literally made from scratch for you, exactly the way you want it. Color, size, knitted name or monogram - all up to you.

High Quality Fabrics
No matter if you decide for our organic cotton or 100% Merino wool quality, we make sure to live up to the highest standards. All of our products are free of pollutants and OEKO-TEX 100 certified. That means that they are tested to be free of pollutants, toxins or allergens - extra important for children's sensitive skin.

No Child Labour
Our blankets are produced in the EU (Portugal), under fair working conditions and without child labor.

Who we are

Born and raised in the wool loving country of Norway, Hans spent a big part of his childhood in comfy, but usually slightly too large Norwegian sweaters knitted by his Mum to keep him warm during the seemingly endless winters. He went on to work for online fashion giant Zalando for several years, leading its expansion to Great Britain and the Nordics. This and several other pit stops in the fashion industry made him think about alternatives to the ubiquitous fast fashion with its insatiable hunger for new products.
Inspired by both his Mum's passion for knitting and the tech start up spirit, he co-founded with Daniel in 2019.

Daniel's family has more than three decades of experience in the fashion industry. He grew up in the north of Portugal - the heart of Europe's garment production. One of his earliest memories is of him crawling between the huge sewing machines of his grandfather, being utterly impressed by their size and the sounds that they made.
Daniel has led Product teams of several Berlin based start ups until he founded together with Hans to use his knowledge and experience to create a truly new concept of fashion.

For a long time Christina used to love second hand clothes mostly because of the thrill of finding half-forgotten fashion-gems. She became a more and more conscious consumer after the crash of a garment factory in Bangladesh in 2013 that killed more than 1000 workers. Today she tries to only buy a few key pieces each season and to show her clothes the long term love they deserve.
Christina has a diverse marketing background in e-commerce companies in Berlin and is supporting Hans and Daniel on all things marketing related.



When we set out to create a zero waste, sustainable fashion brand, we struggled with finding the right name until Hans read The Lorax to his 3 year old son William.

In this book, the evil the Once-ler discovers that Truffula trees can be used to knit wonderful garments. The Lorax, who speaks for the trees and the animals, warns the Once-ler that he is polluting the environment and soon will have cut all Truffula trees. However he is so successful that he continues to cut the trees until not a single one is left.

In the end of the book the Once-ler realizes:

Unless someone like you cares a whole awful lot, nothing is going to get better. It's not.

We care a lot and we hope you do as well.